Leading by example

I stumbled across an article this morning that I think is a great example of how to prolong and enjoy life. The article focuses on the Greek culture but in particular the people on the island of Ikaria.

I have summarised some of the key points below.

1. They have no conception of time – no limited or put under pressure by time constraints

2. Sleep patterns- go to bed late and get up late. Again no constraints

3. Self sufficient – grow their own produce, farming etc

4. Drink herbal tea, eat a lot of herbs and swear by honey for medicinal and dietary purposes

5. Their diet consists of

6. It’s important to also consider what they do not eat

7. They relax and enjoy every meal

8. They do not need to take any vitamin supplements- all sourced from natural, fresh produce

9. Society conforms and encourages this lifestyle-


I think the last point is the key differentiating factor. There are a lot of health conscious people in any society who are trying to live a healthy active lifestyle. However, society dictates otherwise. Straight away it’s clear today’s working environment would never accommodate this for a stress free working day with no time constraints.

Still I always find these articles interesting….it’s amazing to see how such simple things can create happiness and health. These people are not on mad diets, they don’t do any crazy fitness training…they live off the land and move, whether it be dancing or doing the gardening or walking….and most importantly they enjoy life and the company of their friends.


The Island Where People Forget to Die.

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