This Rabbit likes things to be easy

Ok so here’s the basics of how I eat.

As per Robb Wolf (

1. Clean out your fridge and pantry of anything that might tempt you
2. Go Shopping
The basic meal:
          i. 4-8oz (120-240grams/1-2 chicken fillets (eg))
         ii. Several servings of veg (Steam, baked, grilled, boiled, raw)
         iii.  Healthy fats
Key points
         i. Protein with every meal
         ii. 3-4meals a day
         iii. Limit fruit to 1 serving if fat loss is key goal
         iv. Limit nuts to 1-2 servings if fat loss is key goal
         v.  No sweetner!
3. Cook (Prepping food is a great idea on the weekends!
4. Exercise
5. Sleep


In reality we are creatures of habit, or at least I am. I eat the same breakfast every day, lunch can have some variance depending on where I am and dinner also usually varies very slightly…so I think the resource below is fantastic (again courtesy of Robb….basically pic an item from each column and you have a meal ready to go…)

The Food Matrix


Below are some ideas I came up with for breakfast lunch and dinner:


1. 3 egg omelette/3 egg white + 1 egg with veg
2. Fruit Salad
3. Protein Pancakes
4. Berry Crumble
5. Eggs, bacon, Sausage
6. Leftover dinner + eggs/veg



1. Salad +protein
2. Soup+ chicken
3. Dinner leftovers
4. Sweet potato + tuna/protein of choice



1. `Chicken/salmon/cod +  veg parcels (baked)
2. Burgers (turkey, chicken, beef, fish)
3. Steak + veg
4. Salad + protein
5. Chili/ stew
6. Fish fingers/ chicken tenders + sweet potato fries



1. Chicken breast
2. Can of tuna
3. Boiled eggs
4. Soup
5. Smoothie
6. Nut butter spread on apple slices
7. Ham slice wrapped around veggies
8. Carrots and dip
9. Fruit


Sweet Treats

1. Banana ice cream (frozen banana blended up)
2. Berry Ice cream
3. Smoothie
4. Berry Crumble 
(crumble: almond meal/coconut flour+coconut oil+honey...
top over berries and oven bake until cooked-30-40 mins)
5. Nut bar of choice (naked bar, bar 9 etc.)
6. Homemade paleo muffins, bars, energy balls...



1. Water
2. Coconut water (i am obsessed)
3. almond milk/coconut milk
4. tea/coffee (try limit to 1 per day)
5. herbal tea



1. Salsa
2. guacamole
3. lemon and dill
4. cajun spice
5. french dressing/ balsamic/vinigrette
6. ketchup (get low sugar)

7. mayonnaise (homemade preferably)


Again lets not get bogged down here. If you like your yogurt or milk then use it. Likewise store bought condiments and things like hummus are not going to sabotage your best efforts to follow a clean eating lifestyle. They key culprit to avoid are grains.


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