Chicken Soup for Sick Rabbit

I hate being sick. It’s just not my thing, I ve never enjoyed it and I m just grumpy and on edge cause I hate sitting around!

So ye I developed some sort of sickness this morning, had to leave work early and now am hating life on the couch…shivers….nausea…high temp…the works….serious minus craic

One positive though….unbelievable chicken soup which has just made everything better….

Rustic Chicken Soup 


red pepper
chicken breast/whole roast chicken
stock cubes and hot water
Coconut oil


1. As this is a ‘man’s soup’, quantities and vegetables are flexible. Roughly chop everything and keep adding until pot is full!

2. Start by sautéing the onion in 2 tbsps of oil. Add veg as you go continuously stirring for 20-30 mins or until veg is soft

3. Add stock to cover the pot and bring to a simmer

4. Add rotisserie chicken or chopped chicken breast and leave simmer on lowest temperature until cooked through.

5. Add salt/pepper/seasoning as you see fit but I thought the parsnip and coconut oil added an amazing flavor by itself.

6. Enjoy!

Soup just the way I like it….no real recipe, rough chopping and cooking everything in one pot and the result is awesome!

Who said healthy cooking was hard! I have enough soup to last me few days, it’s cheap and requires minimal effort and it’s all natural ingredients!! Try it now!

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