Quick breakfast ideas-apple cereal-10 mins

Breakfast is a tough one for those of us that are trying to follow a grain/dairy-free diet….not only because eggs get boring very quickly but especially for people like me who like to have something sweet…..So I am making a conscious effort to try and post a good variety of paleo-friendly breakfast recipes in the coming week or so to show you that you dont have to survive off eggs….Although I will include sweet and savoury breakfast ideas I do encourage you to also step outside the box and consider having leftovers from dinner for breakfast..I mean who says we have to have eggs or cereal or muffins all the time?!?! why can’t we enjoy a grilled breast of chicken and some veggies or a stir fry?!? Might sound weird now but seriously try it! your taste buds might be pleasantly surprised…..

Below is a recipe for a quick apple cereal type bowl….sweet, warm and satisfying on a cold morning….I am trying to keep my fruit intake to a minimum  (eliminating sugar) so I have replaced the apple with carrots (yes i know its weird) which keeps my sweet tooth happy….you could try a mixture or try other fruit like grated pear….this is also a great way to use up any pulp left over from juicing for any of you who are juice fans…..enjoy!


Serves 1- prep and cooking 10mins

1 Medium/large apple
150-200ml almond milk (or milk of choice)
1 9Bar (or naked bar...or nut bar of choice but 9Bar is my favourite)
Goji berries (optional)
1TBSP almond butter (optional)
Carob chips (optional)


1. Grate the apple

2. Pour over almond milk

3. Optional- to serve hot place in microwave for 1-1.30mins

4. Crumble over 9Bar and any additional toppings

serve and enjoy…..

Categories: Breakfast, snack

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