Time for a challenge…


I have a love/hate relationship with running…..

Love because it helped me lose nearly 3 stone when I was 16years old….hate because it contributed to my back injury and eventually stopped working as a go-to activity for weight loss….annddd gave birth to my hate for treadmills (lets hope this is temporary cause I am running out of cardio machines!!! )

However! that said I still love a good long run (5-10km….sometimes up to 15km if I ve got stuff on my mind) especially on the weekend when I dont have the energy to come up with a strength and interval training programme. But I think my favourite form of running is definitely sprints….best results…best overall aerobic capacity improvements…short and sweet….winner on all accounts! only problem is that trying to  sprint outdoors is a challenge…i.e knowing what speed you are going at, consistency of pace, finding a level track etc..so you kind of have to get on a treadmill for these types of workouts. Still I think the best part is that you can get amazing results with 10-20minutes of work and each workout can be completely different. I will post some of my favourites soon!

Anywho… got a little side tracked…..

So I have signed up for a race this coming Wednesday with four of my work colleagues. I m not a huge fan of running (I have done one other 10km race last December in Howth which I really enjoyed) and for the most part use running as a back up training session if I want to stretch out or just switch off or I will use it in my interval workout. But I think these kind of races are a great way to get me motivated as I always run alone….so I have to push myself a little harder (especially because I am super competitive). I set a new pace record last week on my usual 5km run, completing it in 23m36s so I am curious to see if I can beat my time…..

But this should be a bit of fun! Click the picture to check out the link! It’s for a great cause!


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