Planning my meals

This morning in work is a little slow so I decided to be productive and make a little weekly plan of my dinners….

If I have some extra I will bring it in for lunch the next day…meticulous planning isn’t really my thing so I don’t want to come up with an elaborate meal plan which I know already I wont stick to….either way the food in the canteen is yum and reliable so no biggie to spend a fiver on a salad….

I am planning to provide meal plans soon, so I m taking this as a great practice run to see how much I use/have leftover, price etc….I think it’s great to plan meals out even if not exactly what you are going to eat on what day. Even writing down a range of meals you are going to try based on meat/fish that’s on offer…e.g turkey mince: meatballs, burgers, chilli,….and adding your favourite veggies/salad to complete the meal.

A few things to note:

-As I am still recovering post-weekend of drinking, I am not feeling very creative with my meals….but I will post recipes as I go and I do have a few dessert ideas I want to try during the week or on the weekend which will definitely not be boring so standby! The chicken soup will probably be along the same lines as this post from last week.

-Eggs I buy on offer usually a tray of 20 for 2.99e or thereabouts…..on a side note….. i go through mountains of them because I like to have egg whites as a go to snack….eggs are expensive! jeez wonder what bodybuilders do who eat like 50million a day!?!…….

-I am useless at saving money on my shopping. I take what I want to eat, often buy too much so end up throwing stuff out and I am terrible for deals/vouchers/promotions etc….BUT I am working on it! Having to actually pay for food myself now is kind of a kick in the butt ha….

-Some items are a bit random like the almond milk and jam- I use it in my coffee or for my breakfast apple cereal bowls….and I plan to bake some muffins and paleo banana bread this week/weekend….

-I am a creature of habit so I will easily eat the same thing over and over…..I m craving chicken this week hence the insane amount of chicken on the menu (plus it’s on offer) but feel free to replace with meat/fish of choice….

-This plan is not exclusive…I will probably end up adding grilled vegetables to meals and maybe some sort of side salad to go with the soup w/chicken…..

-My breakfast is pretty bog std….either omelette or a variation of the apple cereal replacement recipe I posted which I have factored into my shopping list….

-On Friday I have work drinks scheduled in to start at 7pm so I m not sure what I will grab for dinner..

-I plan to prep and cook most of the food tonight and tomorrow as Wednesday I am running the Run in the Dark ( so I wont get home until late and will need something asap to eat!

-Some snacking things I will definitely end up buying in Tesco later:

Grapes (frozen grapes are the ULTIMATE snack AND HANGOVER CURE....little nuggets of hydration and sugars.....yum)

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  1. That is a lot of chicken, as you say! I like the order in your eating, if it were me I reckon I’d be twice as fast making dinner, instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to cook!

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