Mix it up Tuesday!

So I m feeling a little random this morning…..was quite frazzled by the traffic and ended up in a mad rush for absolutely no reason….still made work at 8.55…..albeit a bit more ‘windswept’ looking than most days and the dart was less than pleasant… I am not a fan of a packed DART….oh I have so many issues with that train it’s not even funny….possibly worth a whole post someday (just kidding, I don’t think I could let myself actually rant about a train for 500+ words)……the daily joys of working life……

Anyway I ve decided to come up with a few random musings for today that I came across while surfing on my phone or just in general….

1. Forest Feast Coco Mango……this stuff is amazing…..dangerously amazing… seriously, only try it if you have serious will power…..not a mad fan of the other forest feast selection (the mango hits the spot well but the others are meh…) but this…wow….little gold nuggets of coconuttymangoness…..takes serious effort to not eat the whole bag….or buy 3 bags in one go ‘just in case’…….(little negatives: high in sugar and contains dairy which does funny things to my tummy…..but still worth it)


2. My lunches……I have to say I am pretty pleased with the lunch choices I have at the moment. I am on client site which isnt near many ‘healthy’ places to eat but they have a massive canteen which serves my needs perfectly though I always spend more than the others (due to combination of wanting to try absolutely everything and my dietary issues)…..So day to day I get to feast on a massive salad (or soup but that never fills me up) and some sort of protein like roast chicken or poached cod….I do miss my lunches back at the head office though….there’s an unbelievable place around the corner…..drooling at the thought of their salads……the 5euro taxi each way is becoming a better and better idea by the day…….


3. Frozen Grapes AND Coconut Water…..my absolute go to favourite snack of all time! If you haven’t tried frozen grapes, you haven’t lived. Seriously I am not joking. Just shove a pack of grapes in the freezer…..and BOOM you have a healthy and delicious snack…..AND of course you must drink coconut water….if only for the benefits amazing (something like 6 times more potassium than a banana) making it a great way to rehydrate after a workout…so drink up! Unfortunately I know it’s ridiculously expensive in Ireland…. (love to know the price in UK???) 5 euro for 1 litre is insane….the brand in the picture is my favourite, it’s only 3 euro a litre but is quite hard to find….the Fresh Shop on Grand Canal Dock stocks it (anyone know anywhere else???)…..


4. Berocca Boost (original flavour is yuck)…..kind of developed an addiction to having one every morning….makes water taste nice, therefore I drink more water, therefore I am happy…..not really sure you re supposed to having it for prolonged periods….hmmm must look into buying electrolytes to add flavour instead….

5. Run in the Dark Race tomorrow….I m pretty excited for this….I really enjoy 5km runs and have noticed massive gains in speed recently…what’s surprising is that I haven’t been running a lot at all…..I ve been doing a lot of crossfit/interval based workouts which usually dont involve running (maybe the odd sprint, never longer than 800metres) as well as heavy lifting and it seems that the strength and aerobic gains I m getting are also helping my speed….high five to that! So I am excited to see how fast I can do tomorrow….hoping for a sub 25min run. Here’s a peak at my times….different running trails but both are first half downhill/flat and second half one long hill….always fun to finish a run with a massive hill…..NOT…..my dog agrees with me here too…she normally falls behind and starts nipping at my legs…..she’s a fatty through and through…


6. Some blog stuff I found this morning while on the DART:

We are all human and at the end of the day it’s unrealistic to think that we can eat 100% clean all the time. This is a good article to put things in perspective and was a nice little reminder that things can’t always be perfect!


Funny article which has a lot to do with a topic I am going to tackle on ‘What is Healthy?’- It’s a term that means different things to different people but also includes a lot of food that we often think is healthy when it actually is not…..often due to propaganda the media throws at us day to day….


Some information on juicing…I go through phases of juices and smoothies…mainly in summer and also the juicer I have is the biggest pain in the ass to clean so I d almost want to be making juice in bulk because it’s not worth the effort for one glass!


A really good interview with a blogger that inspires me….check out her blog – there’s some really good kettlebell workouts on there.


7. Bought this herbal tea in the Health Store the other day…..Was craving chocolate…saw it was infused with chocolate…..bought it……still not sure about it…..on it’s own it’s kind of weird drinking chocolatey water……but perhaps some sort of chai latte concoction!? ah herbal tea….why cant I like herbal tea!! I always find it tastes nothing like how nice it always smells!! But alas I can’t drink coffee all day so I just keep forcing it down and hunting down new falvours…


8. And finally….my favourite thing to do in the gym when I am bored in the gym!

20121113-122543.jpgTadaaaaa!….Randomness achieved I feel…..Winning!

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