Run in the Dark

I ran the Run In The Dark Race last night! The atmosphere was amazing, it was for a great cause and I set a new PR for my 5km….can’t ask for much more!

Races are not my thing….I tried a 10km race last December and then had great intentions to start doing half marathons and eventually the Dublin marathon but a month into my training I realised that it was all making me hate running and hurting my back……I wasn’t planning on doing this race until a few people from work said they had signed up it so I decided it would be a nice thing to do for the laugh…and I could keep it short and sweet as there was a choice of 5km or 10km. The track itself turned out to be 5.1km due to where the finish had to be located.

I wasn’t feeling great all day yesterday….I had the flu last week and I still dont think I fully recovered….was shivery and very tired (not enough sleep this week) and was pumping coffee and berocca into me… hindsight it was probably a bad idea to run….I m back on the lemsip today…..really need to take a rest day….however I had committed to this so feeling ill was not enough to stop me! I left work last night at 5.45 ish to meet a friend for a quick coffee and banana (needed an energy boost) and she then dropped me in to town from Ballsbridge…..well that turned into a bit of a disaster… it turns out there was an international football match on (Ireland vs Greece) in the Aviva so a tonne of roads were closed….then obviously factor in the road closures for the race and the 5000 participants trying to make their way to the start line AND to top it off there was some sort of performance taking place in the Grand Canal Theatre….bad planning or what!? Ended up sitting in traffic for 45 mins trying to get to the meeting point. But we made the most of it…ha not sure if I look more excited or terrified in that picture!

20121115-080129.jpg I met the rest of my work colleagues outside our head office and got my starter pack (chip, number and cool light-up arm band) and we were good to go! It was such a nice evening out and the atmosphere at the start was great craic! 5000+people turned up which is quite an impressive figure! Everything was really well organised with the route clearly marked and stewards everywhere….but typical of Ireland nothing ever starts ontime…race got underway 15 minutes late…no biggie.

Fun or not, all I wanted was to get the race over and done with….I think that helped me run faster! ha 20121115-080139.jpgI was somewhere in the middle at the start line……This actually was a bit annoying because I spent the first km or two trying to pass people out which definitely slowed  me down…I think maybe it would have been better to somehow separate the runners or let people off in smaller groups….20121115-080148.jpg

The run itself was actually really cool…..the docks are well lit up with loads of cool different coloured lights so it made for a scenic run watching the people up ahead. Also the route was very flat which is always a bonus and we had quite a few supporters (intentional or not….I think a lot of people were just trying to cross the road and got stuck waiting for a clearing)…..I was excited to see if I could beat my PR…..I ran 4.81km a few weeks back in 23.46 mins (according to mapmyfitness) which was a track full of hills so I had set myself the initial goal of completing the run in under 25 mins but ultimately aiming to try beat 23mins.

I was planning to turn on the mapmyfitness app on my phone at the start line so I could check it at the 5km mark but I completely forgot!! This also meant I had no idea how fast I was going as the app will speak in my earphones at certain intervals to tell me the distance I have ran and the average speed. Not to worry….it just meant I had to wait to get a text from the organisers to tell me the time recorded on my chip…..I crossed the finish line at 24.44 but that was from when the first person started so I knew I had to cut a minute or so off that…..

Well I managed to complete 5.1km in 23.01mins! So it’s a new PR and over a longer distance! Winning! As you can tell by the pic I was delighted when the race was over!! Got a goodie bag at the finish too….free stuff is always welcome!

All in all it was a great experience and for a great cause and dare I say it actually wasn’t that bad….I d be singing a very different tune had I ran the 10km though….that meant doing the track twice….could not think of anything worse!


Best part was definitely the steak dinner waiting for me at home! Yum.

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  1. I really wish I could have been at one of these events, alas I was unable to attend 😦 Maybe some other time, you made it sound like it was pretty awesome! Even though you may not have enjoyed the running so much..

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