Run in the Dark Update!

the results for the run are now up and I have to say I am shocked…….

I placed 100th out of 1780 people!!!!

I am really really proud of this result because a) I am a crap runner….i was never the fast one in school and never had the natural fitness of my friends….this really restricted me when it came to hockey in school….and b) I have done almost no running except maybe 1/2 long runs and a couple of 200-300metre sprints over the last two months….I have actually been concentrating on interval workouts and a lot of strength… olympic lifts are really coming along and I am really enjoying incorporating low reps and heavy weight techniques into my training….

In addition my diet is super clean at the moment…..high fat high protein low carb….

I think that this combination is making a big difference to my endurance and aerobic capacity!

Anyway point is I am DELIGHTED with this result….i reckon I could have been a bit faster, I got stuck behind people a few times…but that’s my competitive side coming out!

Working on a few recipes and meals plans this weekend so plenty to come!!

Categories: fitness log, random

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