Cauliflower Rice!

Ok I have had a load of requests for this recipe. I have a tonne of variations which I will also post very soon……gotta use up the rest of the cauliflower! Ha I also have some interesting ways of making other things out of cauliflower….’popcorn’ snack , mash…etc. I will also get these recipes up asap.

This post is all about cauliflower ‘rice’! I absolutely love this way of cooking cauliflower and probably refer to it 3+ times a week. In general, this is a great side dish for stews, stir fries, chilli, etc believe me you won’t miss rice after making this!


1 head of Cauliflower
onion (optional)
herbs and spices (I use cajun or fajita spice and garlic powder)
Salt & pepper
Lea & perrins
soy sauce (not paleo and contains gluten so I don’t use)


1. Ok so you have two options.

Option A: If you have a food processor, roughly chop the cauliflower into smallish pieces and place into the processor. Pulse until you get a crumbly texture. The longer you pulse the finer the texture becomes so you can also make a ‘cous cous’ if you want.

Option B: Out of sheer laziness I just cut the head into quarters. I then take one quarter, stem included, and just chop it on the cutting board into as fine a texture as I can (see picture). I don’t like it to be too fine.

2. If using onion, finely chop the desired amount.

3. Brown the onion in a pan with coconut oil on a relatively high heat

4. Add the cauliflower rice and gently move it around until it starts to brown slightly. You can also add a dash of water to soften the cauliflower a bit. I like it to have some crunch.

5. After a couple of minutes, when the rice starts to get some colour, start adding the spices. I tend to add about a tablespoon of cajun spice and maybe 1/2-1 tsp of garlic powder. Then I add a few drops of lea & perrins

6. Continue to stir until rice is evenly coated. Serve and enjoy

And now look at the stats compared to rice! I m basing the 1 cup cauliflower on 1/4 of a medium head which I actually think makes a bit more that 1 cup.


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  1. Hey from many miles away! This is just what I was searching for, and you wrote it nicely. Thanks very much

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