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So lets admit something……some veggies are not the most appealing……especially to kids. On the other hand, given the amount of sugar we consume these days, its not uncommon for adults also to hate pretty much all veggies…..

As I mentioned in this article, we are eating far fewer vegetables than ten years ago. Yes you need protein to build muscle, but we get key vitamins like C,K,A,B and minerals from vegetables without which our bodies just couldn’t cope. In addition they are the perfect friend for people on a diet…’s pretty much impossible to gain weight from eating veggies …..and to top it off vegetables provide us with fibre, are full of antioxidants which helps boost our immunity, helps us look younger….jeez the list goes on and on. Sure you could get most of this from fruit but fact is, however, as good as fruit is for you, vegetables have way more nutrients and less sugar.

So ye the message isn’t that difficult to decipher…..EAT MORE VEGGIES…..And no chips don’t count!

But as I said at the beginning of this article….some people are very limited by the vegetables they like to eat. In addition, eating boiled broccoli every day for lunch and dinner can get boring very quickly…and for those of you with kids, it can be an absolute nightmare to try stuff this food group full of goodness into your child who would much rather a chocolate bar/bag of crisps….

So here are a few tips and a recipe…..

1. Sauce: add sauce! Easy! We aren’t all made of time so if you don’t have the chance to make your own, check the label to make sure sugar is not the first ingredient! Stir fry up a nice mix of veg and add a dash of lea and perrins and maybe fish sauce/oyster etc or some sort of chinese sauce (Soy contains gluten so I personally can’t touch it…also it’s very high in salt so use with care)……or make a stew….throw in a tonne of veg and meat and tomato sauce and forget about it for a few hours…..or stir fry/oven roast veg with two spoonfuls of almond  butter/peanut butter…….or some honey mustard/coconut milk sauce……BE CREATIVE…

2. Blend it up! Making bolognaise for the family? Blend some extra veg into the sauce… and husband will never know! easy! same goes for lasagna….alternatively add veggies to your smoothie…..spinach or kale work incredibly well! ignore the green colour, I promise you will not taste it….I ve also started adding cucumber/broccoli to add texture and I swear as strange as it sounds, I really can’t taste it….

3. Veggies for dessert!!! Ha give it a chance!! Here are a few links to some great recipes which have hidden vegetables….sweet, chocolatey and with the added vitamins of vegetables! perfect excuse to make brownies!

Moist chocolate zucchini bread

Sweet potato paleo brownies

Sweet potato chocolate pudding

Avocado chocolate mousse

Avocado cake

Carrot muffins

4. My little recipe……Beetroot ‘rice’ with oven roasted Cod fillet…..dont get me wrong, I love beetroot….but as it’s ridiculously freezing outside these days, I m craving some winter warmers like soups and stew…..quite hard to shove beetroot in there…..and as I had a packet left in my fridge I decided to get creative and shove it into my cauliflower rice….You can do the exact same thing with regular rice btw!! I got the recipe idea from an Indian restaurant where we eat quite often…. enjoy!

Some nerdy facts about beetroot:

1.Reduces blood pressure

2. Powerful antioxidant properties

3. Full of folic acid- essential for normal tissue growth

4. Reduces risk of osteoporosis

5. Lowers cholesterol

6. Stabilizes blood sugar

7. Treats anemia and fatigue

8. Helps slow progression of dementia

9. An aphrodisiac!


10. prevents heart attacks and strokes

11. Is your liver’s friend

12. Keeps you feeling happy

13. Immune system booster

14. Packed with vitamin C and iron


The list goes on….


Recipe: Oven baked Cod with Beetroot ‘rice’

cod ricepan codriceIngredients:

For the rice:

Coconut Oil
1/4 head of cauliflower
1-2 beetroot
fajita/cajun spice
lea and perrins

For the cod:

Cod fillet
A few cherry tomatoes
dill or herb of choice
salt and pepper
Lemon juice


1. Place the cod in some tin foil. Add the herbs a bit of butter and cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2. Seal the tin foil and bake at 180 for 20 mins

3. Cut the cauliflower and beetroot into small pieces. Place in a food processor and pulse until you get your desired rice texture. Careful not to overdo it!

4. Place some coconut oil in a pan on a high heat.

5. Add the beetroot rice (it will turn pink in the food processor as the beetroot mixes) and fry on high for a few mins until it starts to brown.

6. When it begin to brown add the herbs and spices and fry for a further minute.

I served it all with some pomegranate! Enjoy!

For any of you who hate beetroot this is a great way to incorporate it cause you won’t taste it in the rice. And for those of you who are cooking with normal rice, just pulse the beetroot on its own and then mix it into the cooked basmati rice and fry for a few minutes.



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  1. Maybe it was the way I was brought up, but I love veggies! I think my favourite at the moment is mashed celeriac (after it’s been boiled), it’s like a nicer version of mash potato, and not as strong on the digestive system either.

    I reckon, the way to go is to slowly bring them towards the healthier stuff, like maybe adding a bit of sugar to Brussels sprouts, and then decreasing it slowly haha 🙂

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