Reform to Perform!

So it’s about time I kick start my new year resolution eh! Two weeks late but at the end of the day this is going to be a life change so it’s all relative.

CrossfitDublin are kicking off a 6 week paleo challenge this Saturday with a one hour intro presentation and guide (more information here). I am going to follow along with this challenge and blog everyday exactly what I eat (excuse the photos in advance as they will be courtesy of my iphone). In addition I will add recipes and tips as I go based on what I am eating.

So first of all what am I going to eat!?


ok to elaborate……all kinda of meat and fish. I especially want to try making a few stews and one pot meals with cheap cuts of meat……any vegetable I can get my hands on (no legumes obviously)…..fruit (berries mainly and limited to once or twice a day)……oils and fats (no nuts)……

What I am not going to eat: dairy, legumes, processed carbs/grains, artificial sweeteners including honey

In addition..…..

I am going to follow this programme very strict which means…no ‘paleo’ desserts…..why?

Well first of all in the case of someone who is trying this challenge after eating carbs and processed food (including crisps and chocolate) on a daily basis, paleo treats are never going to be sweet enough. For me a lindt ball is waaaaaayyyyy too sweet….yup i said it! ha I actually find it almost sickening…why? because I barely eat sugar (okay maybe I let loose a bit over Christmas so it s a different story now!). In the same way when I try and get one of my friends to try my paleo treats the general feedback is that they wouldn’t curb their sweet tooth craving…

Second, I want to reset my system so going completely cold turkey for 30 days is the best way to do it. I will then add in the odd treat but I want to completely flush out my sugar cravings…

Third….techincally it’s cheating…..the whole point of Paleo is to eat natural foods….with as few ingredients as possible! All the better if there is just the one ingredient (broccoli……chicken…..etc)…….

Fourth and this is more of a personal point…..I suffer from gluten intolerance and IBS and having done a lot of research, I have noticed that it is recommended to stay clear of nuts when suffering with these symptoms as they are known to irritate the gut. Given that a major component of most paleo treat recipes are nuts….I m better off avoiding it…..

What the heck will I eat if I have a sweet tooth craving you ask!?!?

Berries…..frozen grapes……fruit……the best and most nutritious dessert!

So follow along with me if you are confused by what to eat or just simply bored. I will try make interesting recipes and incorporate sauces too. I understand that at the end of the day we are not cavemen…we dont have time to be making certain sauces from scratch or spending hours at a time over a stove so I intend to post stuff that is easy and straight forward…..because frankly I dont have the time either……

Good luck!

I will create a post tomorrow full of resources: i.e stuff to read, blogs with yum recipes, suppliers to get in touch with etc

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  1. Excellent! Cant wait for some inspiration! I will avoid the paleo treats aswell for the 30days, cold turkey it is!!

  2. Excellent!! Cant wait for some inspiration! I will avoid the paleo treats for the 30days too, cold turkey it is!!!

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