Paleo day 1

Hey guys,
Congrats on finishing your first day paleo! I hope it wasn’t too hard and that you are feeling great! So here is what I ate today:

FYI I have decided to really focus in resetting my digestive system and really doing a bit of testing on what is irritating my body and what isn’t…. So that said I have decided to cut a few more common irritants for people who are celiac and/or suffer from IBS. I am avoiding:

I will be the first to say that I never imagined I could eat anything but sweet things for breakfast. In fact it was the last thing I changed because porridge was my absolute favourite thing in the world. And in the last month or two I ve completely reversed this and become addicted to eggs and veg and even moggy s chunky veg soup! Although that is also in part convenience because I have started training in the morning and then driving straight to work and quickly eating something before 9am…. I m really challenged now because I m cutting eggs (sob)….but I think I will just try be really unconventional and have ‘dinner’ style breakfasts….so a base layer of veg and then whatever meat I have leftover from dinner….I take my fruit hit after working out so I will include a fruit salad or piece of fruit with breakfast as well…. so today i ate (crappy pictures at the end….)


Veg (Yes microwaves are so bad to use but i am limited for choice…i put a few slices of lemon on my veg and microwave for 5 min and the juice seeps through to add flavor)

Can of tuna…..very pressed for time this morning and it was the best I could find….not great…




Salad (cucumber, lettuce, tomato) and boiled veg




Burger (cooked in coconut oil)



Veg bowl (sprouts, broccoli, carrot….YUM….ye I am weird….I think I am the only person who craves veggies when hungover as well…..)



Sparkling water



IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0568

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