Paleo Day 3

Work…work….and more work! I am getting barely any time to eat with the amount of stress going on at work at the moment… time to train either which is quite depressing because I can’t really kick off my ‘get healthy’ new years resolution properly!! Although on the other hand in a way it’s a good thing because I overtrained before Christmas and still probably could do with the rest…..hopefully I will be back in the swing of things as of next week though because it’s driving me crazy!

So what did I eat today?

Breakfast……didnt grab a picture (mainly because I had to eat it on my drive into work and was doing enough multi-tasking as it was….):

Stuffed 1/2 pepper with mince and a mix of veg which included broccoli, kale (LOVE KALE) and leeks (also YUM)


roast chicken on the bone, green beans and carrot/parsnip mix (was soaked in butter so I actually couldnt eat it all) and a salad (cucumber, tomato, lettuce….half eaten in the picture)

Dinner: mixed roast veg and turkey burgers

Snack: Cooooffffeeeee  and an orange and some frozen grapes (obsessed)

Although I am doing my best this week to prep as much as I can, I am still struggling and will have to be even more organised next week!!





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