Paleo day 4

Barely had time to take a breath all day today so photos also werent really happening but here’s what I ate…..have to say I m getting by without eggs and nuts fine…mainly because I don’t have any in the apartment staring me in the face…may not be saying that at the weekend but so far so good.

Breakfast….no pic but very much like a meal I had the other morning…..sprouts, carrots, red cabbage and chicken pieces.

Mid Snack: Americano extra shot (I try and limit coffee to one cup per day before 12pm but I have been up since 4am this morning doing work so I needed about three coffees today to make it through the day!)

Fruit salad…..few grapes and bit of pineapple

Lunch: Roast chicken, carrots, cauliflower, salad (cucumber, beetroot, tomato)….again i took photo half way through….

Dinner….KC Peaches!!!! I had to go into head office to collect some printing work last night and so made the most of it by getting my dinner in KC peaches! There’s two places in Dublin and you can definately find some paleo options. Their salads are amazing…..I had lemon and dill salmon fillet, beetroot salad, broccolli salad, and some of the plain salad mix (tomato, lettuce, shredded carrot etc…..)……kind of like the picture below but MINUS THE CHICKPEAS!!!

Two articles that may interest you: posted a guide to paleo for college students…

Dying to try this salad! Broccoli and avocado !! Yuuummmm going to replace almonds with dried cranberries maybe for a treat!





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