Paleo day 5


Eats for today:

Breakfast: carrot, beetroot, sprouts and broccoli and an orange… protein 😦 had no time to prep anything

Lunch: Roast chicken with salad (beetroot, carrot, tomato, lettuce) and about a cup each of cooked cabbage and carrot/parsnip mix

Dinner: a couple of spoonfuls of scrambled egg/avocado/smoked salmon to start. Sprouts, carrot, broccoli, with roast chicken breast for main and some frozen grapes

just the one cup of coffee today


I ve had a few people pass on some recipes to me…..I am a creature of habit and am really trying very hard to detox off sugar for the next couple of weeks so I understand my meals are quite boring and plain to some….the crowd in the crossfit women’s class have been fantastic to cook up and test a large variety of recipes so i trust their feedback….the recipes they passed on come from a really good blog I follow….this girl knows her stuff and is hilarious…I love reading her blog posts and her recipes both sweet and savory look amazing to me! I ve tried some of the savory ones and they are yum.

Here’s what’s the crossfit women sent me:

Simple Blueberry Muffins

Magic Brownie Bars

Banana and Coconut Bread

Sticky Berry Bars


For any of you with a sweet tooth I recommend you give the above a try!!

If you are dying for something sweet but are also trying very hard to steer clear of sugar/dessert completely then maybe try some frozen grapes (currently munching on these as I write…:)  ) or these beauties which I plan to try make tomorrow….I am a big fan of frozen bananas in my  smoothies or just cutting up bananas and freezing them and just snacking on them but these chocolate covered almond banana pops look amazing

And I plan to have this at some stage tomorrow too….chicken burgers!


Happy Eating!!!

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