Paleo day 6/Week 1 recap and food prep

First of all big food fail!! I ate eggs yesterday!!! COMPLETELY forgot I am supposed to be avoiding them…..I hadn’t eaten all day, was absolutely starving so when I was finally given dinner at 8 ish I just inhaled whatever was in front of me…in this case scrambled eggs with avocado and smoked salmon…it was only afterwards while watching tv and writing my paleo day 5 post that it suddenly dawned on me…..oh well it’s still paleo but just means I start again with the whole food elimination….

So after one week I wanted to share with you what I learnt about my eating habits. I used to track what I ate every day but due to work commitments I have not been able to do so in the last two months or so and so it was very useful for me to post my meals on the primal rabbit every night because I can now review and analyze my diet and reveal some big no-no s that I am making.

1. First of all I am not eating enough. In fact farrrrrr too little. And deep down I know this but since I literally barely have time to take a breath at the moment and the brief moments when I do have a break, I am usually heading to the gym or horse riding or just not in the mood to cook and clean……needless to say this has to change asap

2. Second of all I am breaking the cardinal rule and eating barely any fat! I cook all my meat in loads of coconut oil, sometimes too much because I love the flavor but apart from cooking in fat, the rest if my intake has no fat content really. This is a big no no because you need fat for satiety but also for proper body maintenance! So I shall be seriously stocking up on avocados tomorrow and adding a spoonful of oil to my veggies to increase my fat and overall calorie intake

3. I am still feeling very tired but that is mainly due to stress and overwork. Will be heading to gym again as of Monday and start getting myself back in shape slowly…

4. Another thing I don’t like is the stressful environment I am stuck in for the past two months and especially last week…. I can barely sleep and am relying a lot on coffee, barely having a moment to myself and just generally feeling anxious and wound up all the time. Even on the weekends I have been unable to sleep and just take a step back

The result? I look sick and drained all the time….I m constantly hearing people tell me I look wrecked…and I don’t like it! Also my stomach is constantly at me….IBS is very easily agitated by stress so I am walking around with a hot water bottle all the time…… and in addition I have lost a tonne of weight (1 stone) and my body fat is now around the 10/11%…..great from an aesthetic point of view but awful in every other aspect….my body does not function well at this percentage and it is telling me that very clearly….My strength is down and I feel wrecked all the time and have been to tired to keep up my 6 day training schedule….basically my body is telling me to stop! no bueno! My best performance at crossfit was around the time I started back in August…I was 15% body fat and was making huge gains so I think that is around my optimal so the aim is to slowly get back to that point

So all in all I have used the first week as a learning curve. I wanted to just see my current habits written down on paper and then work from there to make the necessary changes and adjustments…..

What I ate Saturday:

Breakfast: fruit salad

Lunch: KC Peaches again…had to collect printing so i just had to swing by and grab a large salad box

Dinner: Turkey and beef burgers in a bowl…..on a bed of spinach with fried onions, tomatoes and guacamole (recipe below)




1 large avocado....make sure its ripe!
1/2 onion
1 chilli pepper seeds removed (optional)
Lemon juice (1 lemon)



1. Mash up the avocado with a fork or use a processor

2. Finely chop all the other ingredients

3. mix in with the avocado and add the lemon juice

4. Eat and love life!







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