Eat Avocado!!

To Recap Saturday’s ‘lecture’ at Crossfit Dublin, Ian spoke about Inflammation and his love for avocados!

  • inflammation simply is your body’s protective attempt to stop injury and begin the recovery process
  • Short term localised inflammation refers to something like a cut…..a specific area is inflamed and the inflammation is temporary while the wound heals
  • Long term systemic inflammation refers to the inflammation of the whole body for a long period of time (weeks, months, years)
  • Your immune system protects you from bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses. It remembers the way it reacts to an unfamiliar body and in future will respond in the same way. So differentiation is a key factor. E.g a flu shot will release a small amount of the bacteria in your system, your system will fight it and then remember this bacteria in future and record how to respond
  • Your immune system plays a key role in recovery from injury but also in the maintenance and repair of your body
  • So why is long term systemic inflammation bad? It puts your body under constant stress so it is constantly fighting infection and also trying to deal with foreign bodies i.e constant inflammatory response……and then when something really bad come along….like cancer for e.g…..your body is so exhausted it can’t put up a good fight. So you are at an automatic disadvantage…..
  • And as we have seen, certain foods like grains, legumes, dairy have been proven to cause an inflammatory response…so therefore you are contributing to inflammation by eating these foods…..and most likely have some sort of long term inflammation going on
  • The research has been done, and we now know that chronic (long term) systemic inflammation has been shown to be a key factor for most lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease,stroke, high blood pressure…..etc etc and also most certainly weight gain
  • What about genetics??? Well your genetic make up certainly plays a role but a great way to look at it is that genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger….It’s the combination of the environment and your genes that is truly relevant. You really don’t develop diabetes or high blood pressure simply because of a defective gene…..if we don’t pull the trigger (environment) and avoid things like stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep……the chance of actually developing one of these diseases is significantly reduced!
  • Good news all around!

And now to the avocado…….I can’t believe I used to hate avocados…..I always thought they had a weird texture and just generally weird……and years ago when ‘low fat’ was drilled into my head I definately avoided it in favour of my low fat yogurts….BOY WAS I WRONG!

So below are a few tips and things to do with avocados…..your first challenge is to TRY IT!

Some amazing benefits of avocado!

  • Reduces unwanted inflammation
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes blood sugar regulation

to name a few…..

Handy tip!

If you purchase avocados, you probably know the proper technique for 
checking for ripeness. Give the flesh a soft squeeze and it should 
yield to moderate pressure. However,sometimes a soft avocado is 
actually bruised. Since there's nothing more disappointing
than slicing into a browned avocado, I've got another way of 
testing for ripeness. Flick the small brown stem off the top 
of the avocado. If it comes off easily and you can see green
underneath it, the avocado is ripe! If the stem doesn't come 
off or if you see brown, the avocado is not ripe. source

What the heck do I do with an avocado!!!???

Paleocado Cookies


Avocado in your smoothie!


Basic Guacamole


Bacon Guacamole…..because everything is better with bacon…..


Chocolate avocado mousse


Crab cakes with avocado/wasabi sauce

crab cakes

And to make things interesting……a natural facemask


So ye basically avocados are awesome…….

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