Paleo day 10

Met a lady down in the canteen today….she was one of the staff complaining to the server that there wasn’t enough choices and she didn’t like anything and couldn’t eat vegetables again……Got chatting to her and she proceeded to tell me that she is trying to lose weight…doing her evening walks and eating healthy and quit smoking…..two things she told me struck me:

1. She herself said she wouldnt touch half of the food in the place because of the quality and where it comes from/how fatty it all is (she is one of the people involved in preparing the food…..very re-assuring to hear this)

2. She was so misinformed about what healthy is……telling me she has rice krispies for breakfast because apparently ‘they are great for weight loss and she read the label and it is low calories and apparently all the rage in hollywood…..Victoria beckham keeps slim eating 3 bowls a day apparently’……..REALLY!?!?!?! In fact she listed what she was now eating for breakfast,lunch and dinner and I don’t think I saw the word vegetable at all…..unless she ‘had’ to for lunch due to limited food choice….

It never fails to shock me how misinformed people are about ‘healthy food’… they perceive calories as the telling factor whether to eat more or less of something……and i am no angel in this…I used to be the same; choosing low fat anything over full fat, avoiding amazing superfoods like avocado because of the high fat and calorie content, avoiding oil (even got myself the oil spray for cooking) etc etc……what about all the sugar??? and what’s better is that manufacturers have gotten even smarter and created new words to hide the fact that there is sugar in the food….sucrose, fructose etc….

She also commented on how expensive my lunch is… salad and veg usually comes in at 7-8 euro compared to the other hot food options which are usually around the 5 euro mark…..odd how you have to pay MORE to eat BETTER!?!?

Anyway rant over…..

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Same as yesterday- burger and veg

Lunch: Roast chicken and overcooked carrots……salad with lettuce, tomato and pretty much a whole cucumber (went a bit nuts and was very limited for choice…..apparently noodles and pasta now qualify as salad….)

Dinner: KC peaches…salmon and some beetroot salad…..and then a 1/2 stuffed pepper with mince meat..and some veggie stir fry….was all very random and all over the place

Snack: orange, coffee and some leftover roast chicken




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