Paleo day 11 and Things I plan to cook this weekend…..

These look amazing so I think I will find a ‘tester’ to taste and fill my avocado bowl with something else like mince…..

Poached eggs in avocado bowls


Paleo Sushi

Egg Pancakes

Raspberry glazed salmon with summer salad

Chocolate banana smoothie

Bacon wrapped burger

Beet,apple, carrot salad

Sausage and egg sandwich

Bacon wrapped dates

Obviously anything containing eggs/nuts I will need to find a test dummy for…..or a replacement….

In general a flax ‘egg’ can replace an egg…..i.e 1tbsp flaxseeds + 2tbsp water…….

Today’s eats:

Breakfast: vegetables, chunky veg soup with chicken courtesy of Moggy’s meals

Lunch: Cajun spiced roast chicken, beetroot,carrot, lettuce and overcooked carrots

Dinner: Prawns with a massive salad (avocado, spinach, rocket, pepper, apple, bacon)

Snack: orange and frozen grapes and coffee

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