Day 12-14

Weekend was ruined…had to work saturday which was just the WORST. Too exhausted to do anything Sunday and no time to get anything done Saturday! Basically a really crappy weekend which left me pissed off and frustrated…..anyway need to take a deep breath and move on….


Day 12:

Breakfast: Veggies….

Lunch: Chicken and salad and overcooked veg

Dinner: cod, sweet potato and broccoli

Snack: orange, frozen grapes, coffee


Day 13:

Breakfast: Veggies….carrrrrooottt!!!!

Lunch: M&S garden salad, cooked prawns, blueberries and pineapple

Dinner: Steak, bacon, guacamole, spinach (the picture has egg…..I had already eaten half of mine when I realized I hadn’t taken a photo)


Day 14:

Breakfast: slept in so none…..

Lunch: veggies and some chicken

Dinner: Went out to a place called NEON on camden street!- Asian street food style restaurant…..Overall: Really nice food: you have to go up and order at the counter and they bring your meal in take away boxes to the table….which i think is a GREAT idea. Why? Well in general when you go out to eat you are getting waaaayy too much food in one sitting…starter, main and dessert! that’s easily your total daily allowance just for dinner! and on top of it you always end up eating all of it because it’s a ‘special occasion’ or whatever excuse….BUT the fact that the meals here come in take away boxes means you can eat until full and simply just pack up the box and take the rest home! To top it off you get a free ice cream with every order which is also the only dessert….they bring out ice cream cones with every order and when you are finished eating you can go up to the machine and get yourself some soft serve ice cream….I passed on this but it’s a cool idea! Nice and simple……

Anyway I managed to ‘paleofy’ my meal very easily: started with chicken skewers with peanut sauce (didn’t eat the sauce) and then i requested to have the prawn and ginger stir fry made up with oyster sauce instead of soy (which contains gluten) and took a side of stir fried veg instead of rice……all the curries on the menu were coeliac friendly so could have had any of them too… plenty of options…just steer clear of noodles…..realistically rice is an ok option when not doing a paleo challenge just make sure to go with steamed/boiled rice….





Tesco are doing 3 packs of bananas for 4euro! Going to cook up a tonne of banana bread soon I feel!

Snack ideas: think outside the box…..tesco now sells kids snack packs of cut up carrots or grapes…..nifty idea but very easy to do yourself….

I m a big fan of Ella’s Kitchen baby food products… can get veggie or fruit mixes which are like mini smoothies….really great snack….NOT JUST FOR KIDS!!

And i also found a new product by Forest Feast called CAVENDISH bananas…..only ingredient is banana so it gets a thumbs up from me! tastes great!

Pictures below…..

IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0564

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