Day 15-17

Day 15:

Breakfast: Minute steaks and veg

Lunch: Roast chicken, beetroot, cucumber, boiled broccoli and carrot/parsnip mix

Dinner: Chicken and veg stir fry

Snack: Coffee, frozen grapes and an orange

I m getting very sick of veggies in the morning…..not gonna lie it was a struggle to eat….the steaks were yum! but I think I need to get more creative than just plain veg….

Day 16:

breakfast: veg, minute steak and a full avocado

Lunch: chicken, salad and boiled veg

Dinner: Cod, sweet potato, broccoli

Snack: orange and coffee

Day 17

Breakfast: was really not in the mood for savoury so hid my veggies in a smoothie: frozen pineapple,frozen melon, broccoli, carrot and a scoop of progenex with some water (can use almond milk I just didnt have any)…..the carrot and broccoli was boiled the night before but cooled from being stored in the fridge overnight

Lunch: chicken, tuna, tomato, cabbage and swede

Dinner: chicken stir fry with broccoli, carrot and onion

Snack: orange, fruit salad, coffee






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