perfect for a rugby match…

Made a new snack last night and it is AWESOME if I say so myself…. I barely had time to snap a picture before it was all devoured! As is blatanly obvious by the almost empty bowl in the picture below!!

What is it?

Two types of crisps! Yup paleo crisps!

1. Prosciutto crisps

1 pack prosciutto (prob 2 or 3 packs to be on safe side 
because they get eaten so fast!!!)

1. Place the prosciutto strip on a baking tray on some tin foil. Tear up the slices into small pieces to resemble crisps.

2. Bake at 200 for 10-12 mins


2. Kale chips


 1 bag of kale
 2-3tbsp olive or coconut oil

salt and pepper

1. If using coconut oil melt it first to get a liquid.
2. Wash and tear up the kale into crisp size pieces and place in a bowl
3. Add oil an gently use your hands to massage and coat the kale in it. Add more oil if needed but it should be enough. We only want to coat the kale to help get the crispy texture, not soak it
4. Bake at 180/200 for 10 mins. Ovens vary, I found it started to burn a bit at 200 so turned heat down.
5. Remove from oven and add salt/pepper

Serving suggestion. Mix the two crisps together in one bowl.




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