Some of my eats to bring us to Monday

I ve lost track of the days so I m just going to sum up a load of my eats over the past few days…..


the usual veggie mix with some sort of meat….

a bit of a change included cauliflower porridge…..all i will say is that it is a work in progress…i am not eating nuts so tried this non-oatmeal version but it turned out very bland….I think coconut milk would work well here and I also will probably add honey to the fruit compote I added on top….it’s really easy to make just boiled cauliflower put in a food processor and i cooked up some fruit in a pot with lemon juice to pour over….but ye was quite bland….but a welcome change to just veggies….

lunches :

large salad plate

protein usually in the form of chicken and some cooked veg


steak, saurkraut, load of veg

burger, guacamole, load of veg, saurkraut

Salmon and veg (no picture)


Kale chips and prosciutto crisps! so yum

whole avocado

coffee! love my Illy machine!!










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