you, my friend, are addicted.

sugar-addictionYup I am the weirdo….I am part of that weird ‘paleo’ cult…those mad people who think they are cavemen……that weird crowd who don’t eat like ‘normal’ people…..what is this rubbish of no grains, no dairy, no sweets?!?! surely that’s not healthy to cut out whole food groups….no no no….it’s a fad. Well unfortunately it’s not…..unfortunately it is you who is playing a losing game here..and in fact what’s worse is that you are in a far worse cult whether you like it or not….whether you know it or not…..and there are forces manipulating your every move…..let me explain…..

Have you ever considered how the food choices we have today are so so vastly different to that of your parents and yet we eat and buy certain foods as if its the most normal thing to do……pizza used to be a treat a few years back, as did McDonalds, as did take-aways….now they are eaten nearly on a daily basis. Same can be said for chocolate bars, and jelly sweets and crisps….now we find excuses to binge on these daily too….why do you always eat/crave something sweet to finish off a meal!? or why do you just HAVE to eat that porridge or scone for breakfast…..because it’s the only thing available in the coffee shop? Well no, I am afraid it’s because you are addicted. Yes you are a drug addict……and to one of the worst kinds of drugs out there….no this is not the bit where I tell you they put cocaine into your food……no you are addicted to SUGAR. How much do you struggle to give up chocolate for lent? how bad is your midday slump? How easily can you resist when everyone else around you is eating m&ms and doritos or decide to split a Dominos pizza…..and ok it’s not like these foods are disgusting and have to be forced into you but do you really want it that bad every time?

Well the truth is that you are going around in a vicious circle. The big players in the food industry have done that to us. Just look at these multi billion dollar corporations which surround us; McDonalds, Kraft, Mars, Coca Cola…..these corporations aren’t successful for no reason. They have been playing with our taste buds for years and years and have created intricate recipes, all centred around SUGAR, which encourages us to not only buy their product, but crave it. We distinguish taste based on sweet, salty, sour and bitter things. This is how we evolved, recognising taste and deciding whether something is harmful or healthy, aversive or appetitive. As cavemen, back in the old days, taste actually meant something, it had a role to play in survival. Today, scientists have figured that if they take these tastes and play with them, they can find the perfect combinations to manipulate us. For example, they have found that adding both salt AND sugar to products attains higher sales of the product. So even your bag of crisps now has sugar all over it.

Ever feel down or upset and get a huge craving for a chocolate bar or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Yup they ve thought of this too….most of the serotonin (the happy hormone) is found in your gut…..hence when you feel down you reach for SUGAR because this will trigger a short term release of serotonin and reduce your stress levels…all of which equals a happier you….for a short period of time…until it fades and you feel even more depressed because you have also triggered an insulin response and spiked your sugar levels and then caused them to crash just as fast…..which is also exactly what happens to trigger that mid afternoon slump by the way…..where you need a quick chocolate bar to keep you going…….

Well back to emotional eating…..packaging plays a huge role. These big corps know this and pay people a tonne of money to basically study our emotional response to colours, labels etc….they target the ‘busy mother’, ‘the student’, ‘the workaholic’, even ‘kids’ and create products around it……this is an insanely complicated process too… recipes for soft drinks come in booklets of up to 200 pages containing insane and intricate detail and specifications down to the last ingredient. Food combinations involve gathering subjects and spending hours and hours in a room trying different flavour combinations and tracking responses….


And ok we ve kind of caught on to the trend a bit….we are becoming a bit more informed and careful with our food choices these days…..getting the ‘low fat muffin’……’the low fat yogurt’, the ‘low fat cheese spread’ on my whole grain cereal’……ye its all crap, and you have been duped once again…..FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT, SUGAR DOES…..but we continue to be duped by the food industry and magazines and tv….and a new sub-industry of low fat foods flourishes around us…..added to the other ‘healthy sub industry’ -healthy low fat cereal, ‘healthy’ snacks like special K, peanut butter, nutri grain, philadelphia, ryvita, rice crackers, belvita… god its so frustrating to watch people eat these and think they are healthy! how can eating something so processed with ZERO nutritional value be good for you…in fact it’s just full of sugar which confuses your body and just fuels more cravings as it desperately looks for energy sources….

Worst part is that as we begin to kind of learn about what’s healthy and what is not, the industry just adapts, but not in the right way….no they just adapt and continue to create their products but just within the new limits….

bill clinton

These people dont care about our health. They are only concerned about making us buy the product and continue to buy it….they want us to be addicted..


Have you ever even taken the time to think where the food pyramid comes from??? Is it actually based on solid scientific research? NO. IT IS BASED ON WHO BID THE MOST MONEY….THE GRAIN INDUSTRY, FOLLOWED BY THE DAIRY INDUSTRY……300grams of carbohydrates a day? that’s 300 grams of processed grains…..which breakdown solely into polysaccharides or ‘multiple sugars’……so we are being told to eat 300grams or sugar every day, to get the bulk of our calories from this? that doesn’t sound right to me…….

Ok so maybe you are more health conscious than this and make an effort to avoid sugar….well the industry has found ways around this too… you really know how to read a food label? The first ingredient is always the most abundant so it must be ok if sugar is a bit down the list right? Well have you noticed there are now multiple names for sugar? or if sugar is in fact the first ingredient, these clever clogs can work around this by naming sugar under say four different names, hence spreading the amounts to four ingredients and in this way not having to list it as number one…… fact here is a list of different names for sugar….there’s 50……yup

Barley malt

Beet sugar

Brown sugar

Buttered syrup

Cane juice crystals

Cane sugar


Corn syrup

Corn syrup solids

Confectioner’s sugar

Carob syrup

Castor sugar

Date sugar

Demerara sugar



Diastatic malt


Ethyl maltol


Fruit juice

Fruit juice concentrate



Glucose solids

Golden sugar

Golden syrup

Grape sugar

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)


Icing sugar

Invert sugar




Malt syrup

Maple syrup


Muscovado sugar


Raw sugar

Refiner’s syrup

Rice syrup


Sorghum syrup




Turbinado sugar

Yellow sugar


They re clever those industry leaders aren’t they!?

Ever thought about where the whole idea of snacking and having 6 mini meals a day comes from??? well they studied us…..and they found that we live a certain lifestyle…and they developed products around it…..


So in come giants like Starbucks, Costa, Insomnia….McDonalds play on this…..look at the amount of adds for healthy snacks…..belvita biscuits for breakfast…..BISCUITS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! and just look at how they play on our feelings to convince us we are being healthy….have you ever wondered what the hell is in that low fat Frappuccino or do you just feel better by the fact that it has x amount less calories in it than the full fat version?

These people only care about money….they do not care about your health- they just want you to buy their product and they are ready to do whatever to make the money roll in.


In sum these companies don’t really care about your health or well being or in making society more health conscious….they want money and they want lots of it and fast….and how do they do that? well if they can make you an addict, then you will most certainly come back for more…..

So yup I am the wierdo but I am also the one heading in the right direction…..and I will be waiting on the sidelines (with a spoon in one hand and a jar of almond butter in the other)……please join me, I d love the company! I ll even share my almond butter!

Please take the time to read this article (the snippets are all from here)- it’s invaluable:

the extraordinary science of junk food


And for those of you on paleo already but stuck for some ideas….

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