A bit of this, a bit of that and some BACON

Following on from my sugar rant, I came across this article…..interesting read

And this other great rant after someone posted about how the paleo diet is bad for you- Like I mean really how can you argue that eating meat, veg, fat and fruit is bad for me?

And now to the good stuff…..bacon…..

No it’s not highly nutritious and mad high in crazy vitamins and minerals…..but its awesome…..it high in salt and we paleo heads need our salt (blog post to come on this)…….you can put it in salads….stir fries…..have it for breakfast….lunch….dinner….snack…..or make a bowl out of it!! Seriously what can you not do with bacon! Note to be careful with the bacon you buy…..It is known to be a product with a tonne of unnecessary chemicals in the ingredients list so always look for high quality….I m still on the look out for a good brand….drop me a mail or comment below if you have some advice here!

But here are a few meals I have recently made with bacon….

1. The bacon breakfast bowl

Get a small oven bowl and invert it…..put tin foil around it…..then shape your bacon around the bowl…..place in oven at 200 for 10 mins or so until cooked….gently peel away tin foil and TAAAA-DAAAA you have a bowl….



In the bowl I decided to add some sautéed kale and tomatoes (not visible in picture) and avocado and a poached egg…..oh it was AWESOME…..

Also I had it with two tiny pots of blackberries and strawberries! Arent they cute!

2. Not quite bacon but still RIDICULOUSLY YUM kale and prosciutto crisps!

These are amazing. I really cannot talk these up any more because they just rock. I mean who would have thought something so good for you like kale could be so delicious as a crispy snack!


Again easy peasy- tear your kale into shreds and tear up the prosciutto too

Place on some tin foil on a baking tray and evenly space it out….(do not put the prosciutto on the kale! I had an epic thought that the fat from the ham slices would drip and flavour the kale but that was not the case. The result was soggy kale)

So ye just scatter the mix of kale and prosciutto on the tray and place in the oven at 180 for ten mins…..keep an eye on it and give it a light toss from time to time…..

Serving suggestion: take piece of kale and piece of prosciutto in one hand…..place simultaneously in your mouth…..be the happiest person ever!




3. The Man Plate

Yes that plate of food is for one….and yes there is bacon involved….notice the sautéed kale, tomato and bacon…the perfect side



Or I added bacon to my breakfast plate the other morning….carrot, kale bacon sautée, salmon and avocado20130315-184547.jpg

So now go and run wild…buy lots of bacon….put it in everything and be happy….



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