Super food Series 1: Chicken Liver Pate

Hey folks!

Something new for you today……I have been following an 80% paleo approach for two years and 100% paleo for nearly 7 months now and have decided to take it one step further….


Well I have a keen interest in nourishing my body. Paleo is just a facet of this….I don’t consider myself to be a paleo ‘geek’, but instead I eat whole, unrefined, unprocessed food which also happens to fall into the premise of the paleo diet…..obviously I can do better by buying organic etc which I actively do, but I also have a monthly budget to consider so sometimes you just gotta go with what’s available…..but ye the focus is always on how I can get more nutrients and vitamins…..

My other issue is my digestion… I said I am gluten sensitive but stress gives me a tonne of problems too….in fact the doctor diagnosed me with IBS (in my opinion this is the i-m-not-sure-whats-wrong-with-you-so-you-go-into-this-group syndrome)….basically when I go through stressful periods (which I do ALL the time because I stress over everything and anything….i even create scenarios sometimes!!!!) And I have to put my hand up here and say that even though I have been eating paleo for 7 months, it has not been in a healthy way- I went through a period of not eating anywhere near enough food due to work pressure (not time to cook, not arsed to cook and nothing to eat in work….and yes when i am stressed i lose my appetite) and I really feel the effects so I am taking a stand now and really focusing on my health for the next while.

So hence the superfood series- what is it? well it is going to be an outlet for me to share with you some of the amazing super foods I have discovered…..funny how many of them like today’s recipe or others down the line, my parents grew up eating…in fact my mum was shocked when I came to her asking about recipes using more creative cuts of meat and organ meats…funny how these things have died out now and been over-ridden by the ‘bad stuff’

So hopefully I can persuade you to try some of my new finds…..some are delicious right off the bat, while others may take convincing…myself included by the way! I certainly don’t jump at the idea of eating organ meats!!!

Today’s recipe:

Chicken Liver Pate


1 package of chicken liver*
Red or plain onion
Lea and Perrins 
Balsamic vinegar (could use sherry or red wine)
Coconut oil
salt and pepper
Dried cranberries

*Try and source the best quality you can….chicken falls prey to a lot of processing, additives and poor diet and given the liver is where detoxification occurs, you want to be sure you have good quality…also one pack is usually 2.50e and it makes one pot! So money saving at it’s finest!!


1. Dice and lightly fry the onion- it’s going into a processor so it doesn’t really matter how you cut it up

2. Add in your chicken livers- brown on both sides…..I tend to dice them up into even smaller pieces in the pan with a knife and I fry it quite well

3. After maybe 1-2 mins per side add in a good amount of balsamic and lea and perrins-basically creating a bit of sauce which is absorbed by the chicken livers….not floating in the liquid but kind of making everything mushy.

4. Add salt and pepper as you go

5. Remove from heat and place everything in a food processor

6. Add 2 tbsp coconut oil (not melted….dig the spoon into the solidified stuff)

7. Process into smooth mix-taste and add more balsamic etc as you want

Top with some dried cranberries

By chance I used coconut oil as I didn’t have butter on hand and it works AMAZING! And I swear to god this pate is DELICIOUS…..every time I have made it, it’s gone in an hour! Even people who arent mad on it have been digging in with a spoon!

I add a spoonful to my plate of food….obviously if you wish to eat on bread I recommend gluten free bread

If you HATE pate but really want to try this or a tip to get kids to try….why not try mix it into your mince when you make burgers!!! no one will ever know!




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