Father’s Day Recap

So my weekend was a bit of a disaster. I had a lot of small annoying things to get through which I had planned to tackle on Saturday. However, I ended up having to work Sad smile Originally it was just supposed to be the morning-not too bad. Well things in work never go to plan and at 2pm I was still sitting in the office…..To top it off I tried desperately to make the dart to get home….Had 15 mins to get from IFSC to grand canal….set off in a power walk-my laptop held me back a bit but i was making good time. When I reached the canal I notice I only had 4 minutes left so I began to lightly jog….3mins to go when I reached google and at this stage I was running. And mid leaping up the stairs two at a time to the platform the flipping dart sails by….early….EARLY!!!??? since when do darts come 2 minutes early on a SATURDAY! At this stage my hair was half tied up, I was covered in sweat (the fact that I had a load of layers on didnt help the matter!) and I was very fed up. Purchased my ticket, walked onto the platform and checked the next dart time-20 minutes. F**K THAT. Turned on my heels and grabbed a taxi- 8euro but totally worth it. Saturday was basically a write-off from then on. I actually just couldnt face going to the shops to try get my dad a gift so I curled up on the couch instead.

Sunday started early-7am. Slept crap so Sunday also started on a bad note. However that all changed when I went up to see this little lady. Flow was not in the slightest bit impressed because she had just started eating and I had to take the bucket away from her…..well her disgust was written all over her face. To top it off she was hiper as when we brought her to the arena and decided she wanted to prance around and buck for a bit…..I ve been having some trouble with her being lame on and off recently and we finally think we found the answer- her saddle is pinching her. She s been put through tough training and is looking very fat muscly so my theory is that the saddle has gotten a bit tight….anyway perfect opportunity to do a lesson bareback. The brat never fails to amaze me and I think I smiled the whole time-perfect Sunday morning. Unfortunately personal circumstances will prevent me from partaking in the RDS qualifiers this year but I think it is the perfect opportunity to just have some fun and get back in touch with why I love horse riding so much and stop trying to make it all about the competition.



So then it was time to do some father’s day activities. I decided to get super creative with my gift this year! I am crap at gifts and have zero imagination! But not this time!!!

I flicked through Pinterest and found a cool idea. Here is what I did. I purchases a large flower pot, some white paper and some tags. I attached a tag to each gift. Here is the list of things I bought:


A puzzle- the tag read ‘Life is a Puzzle- Just in case you haven’t figured out the ‘BIG’ picture, here is one you can.


A pack of socks- the tag read ‘sit back and kick up your feet, you ve earned it!’


A pack of AA batteries- the tag read ‘Energiser Batteries- to help keep you going and going’


Blueberry and Oat M&S cookies- the tag read ‘just in case the IT specialist comes to visit!’ (this is a bit of a personal joke as my dad did a 30 day paleo challenge to try and get his fasting glucose down and I caught him red handed one day with two biscuits- his elaborate excuse was that the IT specialist had come to visit and he had prepared him biscuits which he never ate….FYI my dad’s glucose levels came down from 126mg/Dl to 100mg/dl withing 30 days of 90% paleo eating. Pretty amazing!)


Neurofen and Renne- the tag read ‘Laughter is the best medicine-but when that isn’t enough, try the medicine cabinet Smile


Olive oil- the tag read ‘oil of old age’


Popcorn- the tag read ‘ACT II- welcome to another stage of life-play your part well’


Mints- tag read ‘senior moments memory loss mints’

CoYo Coconut Yogurt- the tag read ‘for something a little different’ (my attempt to get my dad off dairy or nearly off dairy- he LOVED this yogurt!


And the card itself…..


Well he was a delighted dad and found it all hilarious so I feel my present was a success- But my god it was tiring racing around the shops trying to buy all these bits and bobs!! Creativity is exhausting!

Of course the pets had to be involved too….



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