Happy New Years!

Here’s to 2014…..New Year, New Ideas

So it’s been a while eh….I took a bit of break over Christmas. It all got a bit too much and I had to take a step back and just breathe….relax a bit. So I did. I had a lot of time to think….and read…..catch up with friends…and most importantly eat! (Check out the picks of my mum’s feast below)

My New Year’s Eve Day was very interesting….I was driving down main street Bray on my way home and could see an accident had just occurred. An elderly man had crashed into another car and the two drivers were standing on the road arguing and waving their arms in the air so it seemed quite heated. As I approached, the driver who had been crashed into suddenly got into his car and began to speed off. It didn’t seem natural given the accident had only just happened. I could also see that the elderly man’s car was much more damaged. Anyway, as the driver sped away, I noted his registration. I don’t know why but I just felt it was right I pulled over and approached the elderly man who was being helped by another passer-by. To cut the story short, I passed on the reg details and left my number should the guard wish to call me and went on my merry way. I had forgotten all about it when I got a call that evening from the elderly man to thank me. He told me they tracked down the car and driver. The driver tried to deny everything and had even hidden his car but the guards quickly uncovered that he did not have insurance or even a license (which is why he had sped off so fast). The elderly man was so thankful for my help, it was just the nicest way to end the year. Amazing feeling.

So anyway I rang in the new year with a lot of ideas and inspirations.

So here are my New Year’s Resolutions or plans, broken up into different categories:



This list is not comprehensive…..I have a few personal goals which I am not ready to share yet. As you can see I love lists and I love to overdo on the goals. Heck that’s just me and I certainly wont shed tears if I don’t achieve everything on the list. I don’t expect to cross everything off but I sure as hell am going to try. In fact I ve already started on a few!

Some changes to the blog are in order. As you can see I have a new format. I am going to focus on posting about general food and fitness, recipes, recipes, recipes and maybe a bit about my own diet and fitness successes and struggles.

Here’s to an awesome year.

Happy Weekend!

L xxx


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