How to Feel Good in Your Own Skin….

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If you only have 30 secs:

  • The title of this post pretty much summarizes my current goal – to feel good in my own skin…..and what better way to do that than to make some changes with my diet, fitness and mind.
  • I finally got around to planning my training schedule – I am aiming for 6 sessions ranging in cardio/strength/horse riding spread over either three days (so 2x training per day) or 5 days (3 cardio, two strength and two off/yoga).
  • As I want to tone up and lean out again, I am going to play with a ketogenic diet on some days with a higher carb intake on heavy lift days – bit of an experiment to see what happens.
  • I also am slowly going to build up to eating a lot more food – I am the type of person who forgets to eat/loses her appetite when stressed or really busy so this will take work. Hoping that doing some meal prep will help
  • My main diet and fitness goal – to feel good in my body, to feel happy in my own skin. Not lose weight, not lose bodyfat etc etc….I want to feel confident and happy. Here’s to positive thinking!

If you have some time to kill….

We helloooo there stranger! Take a seat, boil the kettle, this’ll take a while……well I m not really sure how long…

So as usual I set myself a load of New Years Resolutions….phew a nice long list and not a hell of a lot of time to achieve it! And I probably wont….I just like to write lists and get my thoughts out on paper. And well at least I have something to work towards.

Anywho once list was complete, I proceeded to spend most of January ignoring the list. Happens every year! My “big day 1” is never Jan 1st, more like Feb 1st by the time I stop mopping around, trying all the alternatives and just get my ass in gear.

So here I am, gym membership got – FlyeFit btw – and day 1 finally arrive. I arrive in the gym, fancy runners – check, ipod updated – check, motivation to kick ass – check………deep breath……and GO! Ten minutes in I have a wild and eye opening realisation: I f***ing loathe hate the gym. Oh god what have I got myself into!?

Day two – decided as good time for a rest day……

Day three – made some excuse…..couldn’t decide what wod to do and gym looked busy…..:)

Day four – time to face it again……major pep talk in the changing room was a must!

It’s amazing I had forgotten how to go to the gym! You get so used to doing crossfit – no thinking about your workout, no motivational self talk required, no fighting over machines, no men in spandex…..Ye I m not sure what I am thinking either. I m broke, I have no choice. So I have had to re-coupe and come up with a plan, and that I did:


Two plans in fact to play around with – 6 sessions in total (well ish  – Horse riding is less predictable and I am actually planning to do much more of it than written above).

My action plan began this week with testing option 2. Next week I will try option 1 and see which works better for my work/life schedule.

Next Up Diet:

Some much needed overeating happened over Christmas and well I am definitely not in the same shape as last year. On the other hand, last year was also the opposite extreme because I was somewhere around 10-12% bodyfat and under a lot of stress. This was really unsustainable and not a realistic goal.

Anyway, girls are girls – I am destined to never be happy. I am hoping to get my bodyfat done again at the end of the month to give me a starting point but ideally I am aiming to feel good in my own skin. See what I did there? I am going by my mood now instead of weight…..I just want to feel happy in my skin. The positive consequence of that will be reaching a happy weight.

How am I going to do it? Eating clean. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to look pretty similar – chicken/meat/fish with veggie. I also have a new best friend…..MCT OIL…..I have been free pouring it into my morning coffee with half a tbsp of butter – oh ye I am also seriously UPPING THE FATS.


Summary of my daily food – The following is for me to follow 90% of the time. The other 10% is for cheat meals. I know people generally say 80/20 rule, but I really feel diet is more important than that. So I m aiming for 90. – This pics below is just for a general idea of what my plate usually looks like…..pardon the mess….



B: Protein, carb (sweet potato/other starchy carb on lifting days) + coffee w/MCT & butter blend

S: Nuts/more coffee with mct oil

L: Protein, + carb

D: Protein, carb, fat

S: Optional snack of fruit (my go to are frozen grapes)

Breakfast will also include eggs 1-3 times a week and I am eventually going to attempt to re-test avocado…..oh god I miss it so so bad!

My diet isn’t really changing much except that I am going to try to slightly reduce the vegetable intake in favour of fats on some days (ketogenic) and increase with some starchier carbs other days (namely heavy lifting days).

My main challenge – preparation……canteen in work is ltd to say the least. I literally can only get broccoli salad and beetroot –there is only so much broccoli and beetroot a girl can eat! I m 7 months and counting on my current project…..Hence I need to start making up batches of food – maybe Sundays and Wednesdays.

I ve started buying and cooking protein in bulk so I can save some and bring it in for lunch the next day which is working well. I also need to make a BIG effort to eat more. Some days I am so busy running around that I just don’t get time to eat enough (ltd also by the fact that I am gluten sensitive and dairy free – veggies are not very calorie dense). The MCT oil is helping make up calories here. I am a bit nervous to make a dramatic increase so I am hoping to do it in increments.

Note!!! The diet I wrote up there is very strict. I do not advocate or intend to be that strict – it is only a guideline on how I would like to eat in an ideal world. Life happens, chocolate happens…..

So how have I been doing so far….

Gym: still hate. But managed 20min run on treadmill Monday and a single leg/arm circuit Tuesday – More Cardio Wed or Thurs (depending which I decide to rest).

Diet: Going good…..LOVING the MCT oil! Coffee will never be the same. I m telling you try it. Or look up BulletProof Coffee on google for some cool recipes (blending oil, coffee, cream. Some even add raw eggs (not quite there yet)


Quantity – definitely eating a bit more…..a lot of room for improvement.

Anyway with all that in mind the last point is in relation to mental focus – so so important for success.

A) When you think you look a certain way, you will start to look that way – constantly fretting that you are fat, will make you fat AND vica versa!

B) Sleep, sleep, sleep! Muscle growth and recovery etc etc

C) Stress less – ye right… I could calm down ha – ye I am very easily wound up and suffer from daily stress and anxiety….so this will be a toughie.

In Summary:

“Don’t look back, you are not going that way”

And look back I shall not….positive mind = positive results! Virtual high five to you all!

My Top Tips for using fitness and diet to feel good:

1. Sleep

2. Manage/avoid stress – meditate

3. Drink Water – Lots of water

4. Move

5. Take rest days

6. Be organised

7. Eat whole, unprocessed natural food 80-90% of the time

8. Eat healthy fats

9. Eat more!

10. Be Happy – think positive – yoga, meditation – get yourself on the road to zen!!

Obvious but so true! I will elaborate on these in my next post.


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