About my Blog

Welcome to my blog the Primal Rabbit!

So first to explain the name……

Primal because of my eating habits…I follow the Paleo/primal/neolithic diet

Rabbit because I love carrots….obsessed….best.vegetable.ever…..

What you can expect: diet and fitness related articles, tips, workouts and recipes, random rants and musings and general day-to-day adventures!

I m am not a qualified nutritionist or fitness instructor but I am constantly getting asked for advice around these areas and so I decided to start this blog to document my lifestyle day-to-day and how I manage to fit training into my crazy work schedule as well as eat healthy (lunch time is a nightmare!!!). I also think it’s a great resource for myself to get some feedback from you guys the readers and to build my knowledge for my future projects (I have a few ideas in the pipeline)….

I m going to try and post a tonne of recipes as well as some fitness tips, reviews etc, basically tell you what’s worked for me. But I want this blog to be interactive so please, if you have anything you want me to write about specifically or even if you want to send me on something to post then feel free to get in touch: theprimalrabbit@gmail.com

Enjoy! 🙂

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