Banana/chocolate snack

So I posted yesterday that I discovered a yum new snack- forest feast are now producing dried bananas called Cavendish Banana….the ingredients are…..wait for it…..banana…..yup that’s it. Exactly what you want to get from your food!! One ingredient! So thumbs… Read More ›

Paleo day 5

WOOO TGIF TGIF!!! Eats for today: Breakfast: carrot, beetroot, sprouts and broccoli and an orange… protein 😦 had no time to prep anything Lunch: Roast chicken with salad (beetroot, carrot, tomato, lettuce) and about a cup each of cooked cabbage… Read More ›

chocolate fudge balls

Wow I had a serious craving for something chocolatey this evening. These little fudge balls hit the spot big time. Rich chocolatey flavor and filling so 1-2 was perfect to satisfy me. AND no baking or cooking involved…..jackpot me thinks!… Read More ›

Birthday Cake

  What began as a challenge, actually turned out to be a pretty awesome cake: Coconut sponge with almond crumble base and chocolate ganache topping. The recipe is gluten, dairy and wheat free. Serves 12          … Read More ›