Paleo day 5

WOOO TGIF TGIF!!! Eats for today: Breakfast: carrot, beetroot, sprouts and broccoli and an orange…..no protein 😦 had no time to prep anything Lunch: Roast chicken with salad (beetroot, carrot, tomato, lettuce) and about a cup each of cooked cabbage… Read More ›

don’t like it? hide it!!

So lets admit something……some veggies are not the most appealing……especially to kids. On the other hand, given the amount of sugar we consume these days, its not uncommon for adults also to hate pretty much all veggies….. As I mentioned… Read More ›

Savory Jam

Hmmm you wouldn’t normally consider serving jam as a condiment for a dinner or lunch but I have been converted!!! You ll be surprised how easy it is to make jam…..and without any sugar….yup none. Sugar is used to help… Read More ›

Cauliflower Rice!

Ok I have had a load of requests for this recipe. I have a tonne of variations which I will also post very soon……gotta use up the rest of the cauliflower! Ha I also have some interesting ways of making… Read More ›