Paleo Rants

Paleo in France!

Warning: this post is a bit long! Also the pictures weren’t co-operating with me very well so I couldn’t add captions. Well this was a challenge to say the least! Not only for the fact that the smell coming from… Read More ›

Getting your Priorities Straight

A common complaint/issue raised with people starting out eating paleo is the cost. Too expensive and unrealistic! Yes this is a bigger factor for some than others- i.e. salary restrictions, large families etc….but truth be told, it’s really not that… Read More ›

you, my friend, are addicted.

Yup I am the weirdo….I am part of that weird ‘paleo’ cult…those mad people who think they are cavemen……that weird crowd who don’t eat like ‘normal’ people…..what is this rubbish of no grains, no dairy, no sweets?!?! surely that’s not… Read More ›