What I m eating!

Day 15-17

Day 15: Breakfast: Minute steaks and veg Lunch: Roast chicken, beetroot, cucumber, boiled broccoli and carrot/parsnip mix Dinner: Chicken and veg stir fry Snack: Coffee, frozen grapes and an orange I m getting very sick of veggies in the morning…..not… Read More ›

Day 12-14

Weekend was ruined…had to work saturday which was just the WORST. Too exhausted to do anything Sunday and no time to get anything done Saturday! Basically a really crappy weekend which left me pissed off and frustrated…..anyway need to take… Read More ›

Paleo day 10

Met a lady down in the canteen today….she was one of the staff complaining to the server that there wasn’t enough choices and she didn’t like anything and couldn’t eat vegetables again……Got chatting to her and she proceeded to tell… Read More ›

Day 8+9 Paleo

Sorry I didnt get a chance to post my eats yesterday so I am combining it with today! Monday Breakfast: chicken and veg mix with spoon of coconut oil and large fruit salad Lunch: couldnt decide so had salmon and… Read More ›

Eat Avocado!!

To Recap Saturday’s ‘lecture’ at Crossfit Dublin, Ian spoke about Inflammation and his love for avocados! inflammation simply is your body’s protective attempt to stop injury and begin the recovery process Short term localised inflammation refers to something like a… Read More ›