The saying is true. If you want results then you have to eat clean. Whether you want to achieve muscle definition, weight lifting gains and/or fat loss, how quickly you see results depends 70-80% on diet and only 20% on the amount of fitness you do.

I have been eating 80% Paleo for around 2 years and converted to 100% this summer. (goodbye porridge :(…) I know this lifestyle is not for everyone and my decision is also heavily based on a lot of underlying allergy issues (gluten and dairy are not my friends) which only subside when I eat 100% clean.

When people go Paleo the general complaints are:

I m bored!

It’s expensive!

I can’t eat anything!

I am hoping this page, which I will fill with Paleo/Primal/natural recipes will help dispel some of these complaints!

Some non-paleo bits and bobs are bound to pop up eventually…..The fact is paleo is almost too extreme in many ways; it’s extremely difficult to make things from scratch all the time…..I m only human! and a bit of dairy or chickpeas from time to time aint gonna kill you. Heck it’s sure as hell better than a take away….it’s all about balance and trying to stick to eating natural, unprocessed food.

So in saying all that, I hope that through the articles and recipes I post, I might convince some of you to switch over to my geeky ways and look more to natural food or just give you some meal ideas! Either way I ll be a happy camper!

Below are the basic ideas of the Paleo Lifestyle.

1. Clean out your fridge and pantry of anything that might tempt you
2. Go Shopping
The basic meal:
          i. 4-8oz (120-240grams/1-2 chicken fillets (eg))
         ii. Several servings of veg (Steam, baked, grilled, boiled, raw)
         iii.  Healthy fats
Key points
         i. Protein with every meal
         ii. 3-4meals a day
         iii. Limit fruit to 1 serving if fat loss is key goal
         iv. Limit nuts to 1-2 servings if fat loss is key goal
         v.  No sweetner!
3. Cook (Prepping food is a great idea on the weekends!
4. Exercise
5. Sleep

My goal:

I am working to provide weekly grocery shopping lists and meal plans to help anyone who is struggling with the cost and effort of this lifestyle. Stay tuned….

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