Who Am I

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lyda and I am a 24 year-old management consultant (how fancy!) living in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating with a BA in Commerce International with French in May 2012, I have officially entered the ‘real world’….there’s good and bad days but we all gotta do it….:)


I ve tried a tonne of different sports; hockey, horse riding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, running, discus throwing……..and I ve tried losing weight a million different ways; long runs, personal training programmes, hours on the cross trainer, spinning, bodypump, Insanity…..and guess what?;

poor advice + extreme pressure to perform= injury.

In 2008 I slipped a disc in my lower back and after two months of agony, waiting for my disc to pop back into place, I had to get surgery. I have made a full recovery since, but it also made me much more conscious of the rubbish that is floating around in the fitnessphere and the poor advice people, including personal trainers are dishing out.

At present I train 6-7 times a week:

Weekdays: 1 hour training of some sort (gym/swim/pilates/crossfit) in the evenings

Weekends: 1-2hrs training + Horse Riding + Hiking

After trying countless programmes and doing an insane amount of internet research I am finally happy with the way I train and am seeing results faster than ever. The amount of contradicting and false information that is floating around online and in women’s magazines is just stupid; women shouldn’t lift weights, you have to do 1 hour cardio on top of strength training every day to lose weight, only eat this before workouts, only eat this after.….the list goes on…. and I have certainly fallen victim to it.

I have now gone from spending 1.5 hours plus in the gym to just one hour of 10min warm up, 20-30mins strength and a 10-20mins intense aerobic/weight workoutor sprints. And I lift heavy weights!  Bet all the girls gasped! ha I am 11% bodyfat at present which is actually a bit low so I m trying to slowly get back to 15% which seemed to be my ideal. Strength-wise, I am working towards certain gains but at a slow pace so as not to compromise form- I have to be mindful of my back….

I got bored going to the gym for the sake of it and so developed my love for hiking. I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice now (5895 metres) in 2011 and 2012 and am now planning to take on Everest, Patagonia and Elbrus in the near future so watch this space….


Again I have tried a ridiculous amount of diets before realising that the single biggest mistake you can make is to follow a diet! So instead I made a permanent lifestyle change.

I lost a lot of weight when I was younger following the low GI diet (actually is based on good research and one I would recommend) and then was convinced that low-fat was the answer…..brief stint with detoxes and cleanses…looked into bodybuilding cutting diets, low carb, protein shakes, crazy supplements etc…  and then  finally I stumbled on the Paleolithic/Primal way of eating about two years ago…..I did a lot of reading and research and for some reason it is a diet that makes sense to me in many ways albeit in my opinion it is too strict. Since then I have been following the basic Paleo principles about 80% of the time (allowing for porridge and some dairy) and have switched completely since this summer. I m not ridiculously strict….I ll have Greek yogurt, legumes creep onto my plate from time to time and i certainly don’t make all my condiments from scratch (effort!). It would be stupid to limit yourself completely and frankly I think you would drive yourself nuts! The thing to take away from all this is to eat natural food! food with only one ingredient! And you can eat as much of it as you like! no one got obese from stuffing their face with salad! 

Simply put it works for me….The fresh produce I eat makes me feel full and satisfied instead of bloated, lethargic and sick….I can feast on the foods I love which keep me lean and gives my body optimal fuel for recovery. Why change it when it works!

I ve done so much reading on bodybuilding sites and about diets that promote muscle gain/definition and at the end of the day it’s just too complicated- eat carbs only with this meal, take this supplement only at this time, eat only this combination of foods and macros should only break down by this %, ketogenic/low carb/carb cycling etc etc….it’s too complicated! Sure maybe science has proven that eating something at a particular time before/after training showed faster results, but I just don’t think we need to go to such effort in order to lose weight or gain muscle or whatever….you shouldn’t have to meticulously plan and measure every meal. Once you have the basic principles it should be easy…..eat when hungry, stop when full.

Supplements I currently take:

Progenex recovery - if I m doing a long training session
Fish oils-PurePharma
Vitamin D-PurePharma

oh and of course then theres Tess and Sam….bound to appear at some stage!

Well that’s it from me! I hope you enjoy the blog!

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